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Solar panels, batteries and EV chargers on salary sacrifice

The hassle free way to save up to 40% on the cost of clean energy assets.
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What's salary sacrifice?
A way for businesses to offer benefits to their employees. Employees take a lower salary in exchange for a benefit. Typically used for pensions, childcare support or more recently electric vehicles. The advantage of paying this way is it comes out of your pre-tax salary.
  • Pay less tax
  • Not limited to those with high credit scores
  • Benefit from your employers buying power
Example savings with Heva
Heva contract
Assets, interest, support
Income tax
Employer NIC
Cheaper than consumer finance
How much can I save with solar?
It depends on the size of the system you get. The average UK house has a 3kWp system. The system has a performance warranty of 20 years.
  • Reduce your electricity bill by £20,000
  • Participate in flex markets and generate revenue
  • Reduce CO emissions by 1.3t/year
Solar & Battery savings
In electricity savings
Assumes a 20 year system life with the cost of retail energy fixed at £0.33/kWh.
Flex Payments*
90% Solar utilisation
CO₂ reduction
26 tonnes
cost of energy
Why Heva?
Heva provides a turnkey solution, covering financing, installation, asset management and maintenance.

Our proprietary system is HMRC compliant. This ensures you don't get stung with a tax penalty at a later date.
  • HMRC compliant
  • End to end service
  • Backed by a team with over 14 years in energy assets
System overview
Installation scheduled
T-17 days
What else is included?
System and scheme design
We help you select the most suitable system for your home. We help your company set up the scheme.
Surveys and Installation
We take care of the surveys required by network operators. MCS accredited engineers will then complete the installation.
24/7 monitoring
Proprietary software allows assets to be managed remotely. Heva resolves system faults within 21 days of resolution.
What can I order?
Heva's partnered manufacturers offer end to end systems. This means the different assets communicate with one another simplifying home energy management.
3X cheaper electricity
Over the lifetime of the asset your electricity costs will be reduced by ~70%.
Energy price security
Have freedom from energy price volatility and confidence knowing your bill won't change.
Emission free mileage
Ensure your EV miles are powered by 100% carbon free energy.
Leading warranties
Heva panels have a 25 year performance warranty and 15 year product warranty.
Store excess solar
Store energy created by your panels for use during the night.
Off-peak use
Store low cost off-peak electricity during on-peak times.
Generate revenue
Offers strategic solutions to minimize waste and optimally use resources.
Modular design
Additional capacity can be added to your system easily in the future.
Intelligent charging
Integrates with dynamic tariffs like Octopus Intelligent to start charging at low cost periods.
Three charging modes
Easily control your charger to meet your needs. Optimise for cost, speed or carbon intensity.
Integrates with Battery
Offers strategic solutions to minimize waste and optimally use resources.
UK's Best home charger
Voted by 200,000 AutoTrader drivers as the best home charger.
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Design a system for your home.
There is no commitment. We'll save the order and contact your company to setup the scheme.
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